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3D scanning:
It is a device for imaging, analyzing and analyzing a real object that converts the information obtained into a virtual object. Precision control processes have become a vital part of any manufacturing program, and in today’s competitive markets, all companies strive to produce parts with the utmost precision and in the fastest possible time. It also minimizes waste of time in the reverse engineering process, prevents speculation based on inaccurate data, and ultimately improves project results.

3D scanning

Scanning and modeling process:
With the help of light The visible light is captured by thousands of single points during the scan and can only record what is in sight..
The obtained points, which are called superpoints, should be reverse engineered with the help of cloud point conversion software, modeling and three-dimensional object conversion.

Accuracy 3D scanner:
The device used in our collection carefully 0.02mm And it is one of the top ten scanners in the world

Application of 3D scanner:
_Reverse engineering and design of industrial and non-industrial parts
_Measuring objects with complex geometry
_Control, analysis and quality assurance of manufactured parts
_Ability to achieve accurate measurements

_Scan artwork for archiving and archiving

_Scan valuables in museums and create online galleries for education and research
_Detailed imaging of objects for training without risk of damage to the original sample
_ Used in the studies of researchers and students
_Designing reality-virtual games and making animations


3D scanning service with the device
Shining 3D

Preparation of cloud points files and three-dimensional modeling that these services can be provided taking into account the wishes and needs of the customer.

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