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NavidSanatPaydar Tabriz Ind
In order to meet the domestic needs of the country, our group has designed and manufactured the following parts.


  • Waltz tubes (expanders)
  • Brass and carbide washing nozzles
  • Turbine Housing Power Plants

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what do

130+Satisfied customer

Navid Sanat Paydar Tabriz Technical Engineering Group has many years of experience in the field of industry with the approach of maximum accuracy and competition with domestic and foreign competitors in terms of quality and price, has tried to restore the lost prestige of Iranian products and always strives to show and promote culture of honesty and Has been responsible in the field of industry of our beloved country Iran.

نازل های کاربای
نازل های کاربای

Tungsten Carbide Nozzle of Centrifuge parts

نازل های برنجی
نازل های برنجی

Brass Spray Nozzle of Centrifuge parts

انگشتی های دوخت سیم پیچی
انگشتی های دوخت سیم پیچی

Looper Strobel Industrial Sewing machine parts

سوزن های دوخت سیم پیچی
سوزن های دوخت سیم پیچی

Stator Coil Lacing Needle

قطعات یدکی گیربکس هایcy
قطعات یدکی گیربکس هایcy

Cyclo Drive spare Parts






Safe is

Our projects

What have we done?

Endless products with attention to detail.

Company Vision

Compete with global markets

Due to the widespread use of expanders and nozzles for washing brass and carbide in the oil, gas, petrochemical, automobile, aircraft, shipbuilding, dairy, sugar and lubrication industries, etc., an acceptable outlook for The production of expanders can be imagined.
Competing with global markets is also one of our company’s goals.


Collaborated collections

Parties to companies and factories: Tabriz Tractor Manufacturing, Motogen Company, Iran Mayeh Factory, Bostan Abad Power Plant, Moghan Sugar Factory, Azar Sugar Factory Naghadeh, Urmia Sugar Factory

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