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navid sanat paydar tabriz

Navid Sanat Paydar Tabriz Company with registration number 44930, national number 14006822728 and under the management of Akbar Sarpira is active in the field of design, manufacture, production of special tools and spare parts for factory devices.

Recent achievements of the company

In order to meet the domestic needs of the country, our collection has designed and manufactured the following parts.
Waltz tubes (expanders)
Brass and carbide washing nozzles
Housing turbines for power plants

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  • safety
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Mission and vision

Company policy and mission

Providing services in accordance with valid standards_

Responsibility and careful attention to customer demands _

Company Vision

_ Due to the widespread use of expanders and nozzles for washing brass and carbide in the oil, gas, petrochemical, automobile, aircraft, shipbuilding, dairy, sugar and lubrication industries, etc., an acceptable outlook. To produce expanders can be imagined.

Competing with global markets is also one of our company’s goals.

  • ExpandersSealing tubes
  • NozzlesWashing nozzles
  • Turbine housingTurbine Housing Power Plants
  • Wirecut and 3D scanning servicesWirecut and 3D scanning

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