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Carbide and brass centrifuge nozzles
Nozzles are precision instruments with variable cross-sections that disperse and spray liquids. Also to control flow velocity, direction, mass, shape, fluid pressure and
Especially used to increase the output current speed.

Especially used to increase the output current speed.

Types of spray nozzles and their application

نازل های اسپری افشانک
نازل های کاربای
نازل های برنجی

1. Flat fan nozzles

They produce in the form of a spray line and

Spray angle 145_0 degrees.

2. Hollow conical nozzles

They produce in the form of a spray ring.

Spray angle 180_15

3. Complete conical nozzles

They produce spray in the form of a solid circle.

4.  Fog nozzles

They are very small in droplet size and are commonly used in evaporative coolers and humidifiers. Fog nozzles are also widely used in the agricultural industry by creating fog and moisture.

5. Tank cleaning nozzles

Cleaning of chemical tanks, distillation tanks, beer tanks

6. Drying nozzles

Spray and clean powdered materials such as food powder and metal powders

7. Lubrication nozzles

For lubrication of industrial devices

8.  Injection nozzles

Injecting liquids into a stream of gases or other liquids

Consumables for making nozzles

Before choosing a nozzle, we must consider the limitations of their use, these limitations include corrosion, oxidation, high heat and chemicals, for each of these limitations, different nozzles are considered.

Spray nozzles are usually made of materials such as tungsten carbide, brass metal, stainless steel or plastic.

Stainless steel and tungsten carbide and cobalt alloy 6 have better resistance to abrasion and relatively high corrosion.

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